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Safety Begins with Care

Safety begins with care. Care produces confidence and loyalty in your leadership, and in your team. Of course injuries in the workplace affect shareholder confidence, and share prices on the open market. Of course severe injuries result in lost time, a reallocation of tasks, and a higher turnover in staff, which in turn demands a perpetual need to train new team members, who will require time and cultivation to get up to speed. But how often have you seen your staff deeply motivated by the “our shareholders aren’t happy” line?

Contact SINA Safety Solutions today and discover why our business is regarded as a one stop shop for creating a safe, profitable, and unified workplace.

Why SINA Stands Apart

SINA isn’t just a safety consultant. Sure, we can give you the robotic, “that’s a non-compliance of the AS4801 standard,” but if every safety consultant is spewing the same textbook code, why would it matter what safety regulations consultant you went with? No, our solutions go deeper. And we’ll tell you how.

SINA’s in-house experience in underground and open-cut mining spans 24 years, and three continents. Owner/Operator Ruth Jenkins is an accomplished mining professional with hands-on experience in drill and blast, mine management, safety systems, and onsite risk management, in both Africa, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

While experience is irreplaceable when it comes to understanding professional needs and safety requirements, few things are so important to safety as communication. It is for this reason that SINA isn’t satisfied with simply informing our clients on new and existing safety restrictions and bylaws.

Yes, we do that, but more importantly, we coach and consult corporate leadership in the best approach to safety implementation; a way that won’t separate, or segregate management from crew; a way that will produce unity and loyalty, rather than create a divide of “us” and “them.”

SINA isn’t just here to assist you in creating and applying safety measures, but we’re also here to help you effectively communicate to your peers and crew in a way that produces mutual respect and appreciation.

SINA’s Strategic Services

SINA Safety Solutions is an independent, all-sectors specialist OHS management consulting company for both national and international organisations. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we provide businesses with tailored solutions created to specifically target your organisational goals.

SINA expertise includes all key occupational health and safety areas including:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • The Development of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Auditing Programs
  • Full Implementation of OHS Programs and Systems

SINA Safety Solutions in Perth offers business principles and practices founded on the highest industry standards of ethics and expertise.

If you would like to know more about our services, or would just like to chat with one of our expert consultants, call us today and allow us the opportunity to show you why true safety solutions; sustainable safety solutions; the kind you and your team can rely on, are indeed, no accident.