No one likes to use scare tactics. And the last thing any company wants to talk about is the “what ifs” when it comes to safety issues in the workplace. But there’s something far worse than talking about it, and that’s having something actually happen without posted and documented parameters in place that could’ve prevented it from ever taking place.

Because if that happens, you and your company aren’t just dealing with an injured employee, or a potential liability issue. At that point, you’re also wrestling with the guilt that comes with feeling as if you didn’t properly prepare your people, and the possible loss of someone’s father, or sister, or son. Some things in our lives are replaceable; others can never be replaced.

Creating a written, and organised safety management system is more than a stack of paper taking up room on your desk. It’s an easy-to-reference manual made to guarantee clear and consistent communication between you and your employees; a compilation of those things that not only keep your company compliant with legal parameters and restrictions, but also keep your personnel keenly aware of the possible dangers and pitfalls of the world in which they work.

We know you have a company to run, which is why SINA Safety Solutions offers custom-made safety management system creation tailored to your region, and your particular business.

SINA generates a packet of company-specific procedures in accordance with your particular preferences, and regional requirements. Our experts create a systemised, and professional set of pages constructed to maximise productivity, while significantly reducing risk and incidents in the workplace.

SINA then provides your company with an electronic file containing all documents in word so it can be managed in house and an easily referenced PDF format on disc so as to be easily duplicated and handed out to future client’s, personnel, or independent contractors.