Contact SINA Safety Solutions Today for a Firsthand, Onsite Safety Inspection of Your Plant or Workshop

Oh, What a Difference a Day Makes

When fully committed, and effectively organized, a single day of company safety management analysis can make all the difference in the world. With more than 20 years in safety management, it doesn’t get much more committed and organised than SINA.

In an effort to maximize the efficiency of our process, and minimize our effect on productivity, SINA Safety Solutions offers our clients a thorough safety audit in the form of a full day’s visit to your facility.

SINA begins with a detailed account of your company’s safety management system documentation. Once the initial paperwork and parameter assessment is complete, SINA embarks on a step by step, line by line inspection of your workshop or plant.

Following the walkthrough, SINA experts will sit down with select members, and groups of your team of employees. SINA will take diligent care to ensure each employee interviewed has a clear, and thorough understanding of all OHS requirements, relevant procedures, and training as is pertinent to their position, and the positions of those they supervise.

Upon completing the document analysis, the facility walkthrough, and the interview process, SINA’s work begins.

Once departed from your plant or workshop, SINA safety specialists compile an extensive report based on a full day’s worth of inspection and observation. Designated parties will receive an email containing a written report in PDF form with specific findings, and professional recommendations on what improvements might be made to gain compliance toward legislation, and improve the overall safety and productivity of your business.

So ask yourself: is it worth just one day to guarantee your safety regulation paperwork is in proper order; One day to ensure your facility is up to speed on all requirements and regulations; One day to secure the lines of communication are clear between your safety needs, and the staff who implements them? Just one, single, solitary day. Just one.

If you feel your organisation could use some fine tuning with its
safety compliance and implementation processes, contact SINA today and find out firsthand
just how much difference a day makes