An Exercise in Personnel Care

SINA Safety Solutions knows leading by example is far and away more effective than shouting orders from the sidelines. If you, and your supervisory team are well versed and compliant with company safety parameters, it stands to reason the teams your leaders supervise are going to be inspired to greater compliance as well.

But strong safety leadership only begins with leading by example. Research shows that workplaces with superior safety conditions are most often a result of a visible safety leadership team. Why? Because without a personal touch, safety regulations are just another set of rules in another manual that personnel are required to obey. In their eyes, it’s just another grouping of restrictions that makes their jobs more difficult.

But by being present; by being visible to your people, and clearly, and effectively conveying to them that there is nothing you value more than their safety, you establish a relational loyalty that goes far beyond profit margins and production goals.

Many times, because of the differences in the responsibilities of owners, managers, and employees, communication lines can be stifled, and even guarded. Utilizing proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, SINA trains supervisory staff, from the top down, to communicate effectively with supervised personnel so as to create an open forum of communication, which translates to trust, and greater confidence at every level of company activity.

It’s this kind of behaviour that secures personnel loyalty whether you’re present or absent; it’s this kind of behaviour that permanently increases work ethic and productivity across the board; it’s this kind of behaviour that SINA Safety Solutions specialises in, and trains leadership teams to execute.

SINA Safety Solutions offers clients a total of two full, onsite sessions per day, over a period of approximately four to six weeks. This is the time frame required to complete training for all leadership/management, and supervisory personnel in a mid-tier company.

For those seeking a foundational information base, but are working with a slightly more restrictive time frame or budget, SINA also offers remote coaching, and one on one distance assisting with cultural change issues.

This remote process, while offering a greater convenience and lesser immediate time investment, can require a significantly longer time frame to become effective.

SINA Safety Solutions also strongly suggests that any training session, onsite or off, should be followed up with regular bi-annual inspections so as to see the models in action, and be able to make tailored adjustments based on specific circumstances as they arise.

If you feel you have a need for SINA Safety Solutions services, or have specific questions regarding our services that have not been addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

We thank you so much for stopping by, and look forward to assisting you and your company with safer, more effective, and more streamlined processes to protect your people, your product, and your peace of mind.

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