“Yeah, Billy’s Little Tonka Truck Can Cost You Big”

There’s an old adage that says “sharing is caring.” We agree with that, but at SINA we also believe caring means being thorough…very, very thorough. Talking about safety procedures is never comfortable. Normally, the topic brings up visions of injured personnel, concerned families, and production freezes. Alas, the conversations, and precautions regarding safety are a necessity if you want to be prepared for the potential hazards any business can face at a moment’s notice. This is why SINA asks the tough questions, and deals with these issues for you.

Because isn’t that just the way? Whenever we think of employee, or personnel hazards, we think of the formal workplace; the place where it’s natural that things can go wrong; the place where people are actually “at work,” and under the umbrella of your care, as their employer; the place that’s decidedly separate from home.

But since we’re speaking of home: Did you know you have a responsibility, and even a liability regarding your work-from-home employees? Did you know that you are accountable for someone working in a home office, if they are an employee of your company, and working for you at the time of the incident?

Does your company have any documentation or written parameters specifically addressing work-from-home safety?

No? No worries: SINA Safety Solutions has you covered. It’s our job to ask these questions. And more importantly, it’s our business to have the answers.

For your convenience, SINA Safety Solutions is proud to present our work-from-home safety assessment and detailed report service. SINA professionals will visit the home of your stay-at-home employees, observe and analyze their office space, and provide you and your supervisory team with a detailed breakdown that is fully compliant with the present, and relevant Occupational Health and Safety Legislation known as the “Duty of Care”.

SINA’s Home Audit and Safety Assessment ensures that:

  • Work areas are set up correctly
  • Desks and chairs are chosen with good ergonomics in mind and that body posture at the desk is appropriate
  • The right equipment is being used
  • Any hazards at home are identified, and noted with appropriate corrective action
  • The safety of electrical equipment is checked at least once a year
  • Training is given in a few areas to assist the employee in their daily work routines

SINA visits are efficient, and effective for providing a convenient, systemized approach to work-at-home safety.

So if you have an employee or two working for you from the comforts of their own home, contact SINA today and find out how simple it can be to ensure the safety of their space, and put your mind at ease. After all, no component of your business, or life, is so important as the people who make it happen.

SINA Safety Solutions: Safety Is No Accident